4-20mA 0-10V Wireless Analog Transmitter & Receiver Systems

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4-20mA 0-10V Wireless Analog Transmitter & Receiver Systems

DelcomRF T-420 wireless transceiver systems provides service for you to transfer sensor information to the places where you cannot span cable or places where it requires lots of money to span cable, you can carry sensor information up to 10000 meters.

4-20mA 0-10V Wireless Analog Transmitter & Receiver Systems

4-20 mA Wireless Transceiver Systems are able to work without being affected by the voltage fluctuations between 180-255 vac. It has advantages related to labor, material, mounting and maintenance costs. It is a matchless product which is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. Depending on the circumstances, it is able to provide data flow in long distances between each other. Receiver and Transmitter are produced as a set product.

Wireless Analog Data Transfer Units

They are play-and-plug products mounted on 150 cm galvanized profile that has any kind of equipment on itsuitable for external unit, able to make 4-20ma information transfer in multiple ways depending on requirementsWireless 4-20mA analog value wireless transfer systems are approved by SRD information Technologies Authority. They communicate between each other as free of charge, it can be easily mounted and it provides a big advantage out of labor and mounting costs.

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