DEPOMATIK Water Level Controlled Wireless Automatic Tank Filling System

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DEPOMATIK Water Level Controlled Wireless Automatic Tank Filling System 

RF wireless control and automation systems between pump & tank and connecting tank that communicate by radio frequency up to 5000 meters distance. If you want up to 10000 meters distance click here for T-2000S Wireless Automatic Tank Filling Systems

DEPOMATIK Water Level Controlled Wireless Automatic Tank Filling System

The most affordable tank-to-pump rf wireless control and automation system!
The pump communicates with the radio frequency between the tank. Rf provides communication.
5 km between pump and tank. “5000 meters” can be used up to a distance.

DEPOMATIC Pump Storage Control System

Led And Digit Displayed Advanced Visual System And Control Panel.
Fill the water tank using cheap electricity.
The pump is running, stopping, the tank is empty and the information on the led signal is displayed.
Rf information on the digits display, such as signal level, recording status, frequency channel in the pump storage system.
The tank has led tracking systems which indicate the full / empty and float position.

Humidity / Water / Dust Protection Class IP65

Ip65 is in protection class. The operating status information can be viewed on the transparent cover without opening the device cover.
Durable abs is in plastic protection class. Certain violence is not affected by bumps and splashes.

Wireless Pump Control Well Control System

Automatic storage filling. It is suitable for two-level tank automation.
It is suitable for outdoor use by mounting on the surface.
Wireless water automation system.

2 Years Performance Without Charging With One Battery On The Storage Side

Provide very low energy consumption for non-energy applications on the water/liquid tank side, providing up to 2 years of uninterrupted, wireless tank control automation with a single battery.

1 years against production faults RFSAN Inc. Under warranty, it is a great product.

It’s suitable for SRD short range device catagorys

Long Distance RF Pump Link Communication System

5 Km. It communicates wirelessly to the distance.

RF well/pump provides automatic control between pump and tank.

Rf works wirelessly over radio frequency.

DelcomRF INC. stocks spare product, RF and administrative electronic control cards in its dealers for Hardware & Software support with the purpose of removing customers’ unjust suffering in the products that it produce. It is always near you with the fast support.

Thank You

As DelcomRF Radio Informatics Electronic Systems Defense Ind. Com. Inc. THANKS for our numerous customers that use DEPOMATIK well-pump tank control systems! You are one step closer to our professional products with the most affordable prices!

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