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DelcomRF Modbus RTU Relay Module DRF800R

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DelcomRF Modbus RTU Relay Module DRF800R

DelcomRF Modbus RTU Relay Module DRF800R device is a Modbus slave relay device that you can operate in the most economical plug and play, switch or button position. The product with code DRF800R can be managed as you want with RTU communication over RS485 Modbus protocol.

DelcomRF Modbus RTU Relay Module DRF800R has 8 channel relay output. It works on Modbus RTU protocol. RS485 line connection can be used up to hundreds of meters. They are industrial type products. They work between -40 and +80 degrees.

DelcomRF Modbus RTU Relay Module DRF800R

Wireless communication techniques are frequently used in automation systems, RF modems that can establish wireless communication are grouped under two options, these are modems broadcasting in licensed and unlicensed bands. These modems are divided into two as those that communicate with each other on wide and narrow band frequencies.

For example, models that broadcast 12.5 Khz band with GFSK PSK QAM narrowband communication or broadcast in 250/500/1000 Khz broadband spectrum using LoRa protocol. It is also available in modbus RTU modems that make GPRS communication.

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If you want a short information about Modbus;

It is a modbus server/client based protocol developed by Modicon company in 1979 to work with PLCs. One of the biggest reasons why it is preferred as one of the most used protocols in the industrial environment is that it is easy to use and free of charge. With its ease of use and reliable protocol structure, billions of devices communicate with this protocol today. Please for your projects and questions from [email protected]

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