T-2000S, Wireless RF Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems, Wireless Pump Control

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POMPAMATiK Systems Providing Wireless Communication Between Well/Pump Motor and Water Depot Controlled And Automatic
Water Storage Filling

Water Automatin System

Provides control automation between wireless well and water depot. Communicates wirelessly up to 10000 meters “10 Km” distance between pump and tank. You can connect the float or the liquid level control relay contact to connection of the device input connector.

It is suitable for wireless automation between water tank and pump systems. The depot automation device can be operated with electric energy or if you don’t have electric energy depot side, POMPAMATiK work a small battery “12V/7A” without problems for 2 years. If you want you can use more big accu.

Pump Motor Control

You can wirelessly transmit “up to 2 years” float or liquid level control relay movements to the pump station without using any energy other than 12/7 Ah battery in the water or liquid storage. It is produced by DelcomRF Inc technology. DEPOMATiK and POMPAMATiK is a special LOW POWER TECHNOLOGY for its products.

The pump has a highly durable connection box in the IP65 protection class with transparent cover suitable for indoor installation. For this reason you can easily follow if pump work, stand or how its signal communication level quality colors leds.

High gain 360 degree non-directional and powerful ip67 class antennas make it suitable for installation of outdoor unit on the building, you don’t need to set the antenna direction.

Well Depot Wireless Control

– Submersible Pump Control Systems,
– Water Tank/Depot Filling Control with Radio Systems
– Water Storage Signalization System,
– RF Link
– Water Automation Systems

With RS-485 interface connection, special application options are available.
That is a professional RF wireless wells are water tank control and automation system that affordable, high quality. RF wireless communication, radio frequency controlled pump automation.


It will start a pump and a tank or a water depot divided into 4 levels and a pump with 4 separate speed levels or a single level tank and 4 pumps at different points automatically.

Suitable for different automation scenarios/situation between wireless water depot and pump. All kinds of mounting parts are shipped with the product. Depending on ambient conditions, there is no need to raise the device for locally in case of communication problems. You just need to raise the antenna.

It has a protection class of IP65, it is rainproof and also has a certain severe puncture protection class. You can perform different automation applications with RS-485 data interface communication, which can be connected to POMPAMATIK systems.

Pump Wireless Automation Systems

The function led indicators and buttons on the POMPAMATIK systems display the wireless signal communication level quality between the products, also they  show the battery status and the channel status. The ability to show the signal capture power, the water tank automatic filling system is a very important feature to know that the POMPAMATIK device is installed in the right place.

Automatic Water Pump Motor Controller

POMPAMATiK systems can communicate at longer distances. If there are no obstacles such as mountains and hills between communication distances, you can provide wireless communications between far distances without the need to use RF Repeater.

Do you want to be warn of the thermal failures in the well pump motor panel? Please click!
By using the transporter, you can apply RF controlled water automation system between pump and watertank which is the long distances.

DelcomRF Inc. name guarantees the following privileges in its products;
Failure repair guarantee in 48 hours.
Replacement guarantee of defective products resultingfrom production with new ones.
Guarantee of sending technical team for installation and field examination in Turkey and also out of the country,
Special design and production guarantee

Turkish Property, TSE, ISO9001, CE, BTK Class 2 form (SRD) approved devices with the list of these documents can be guaranteed.
EMC “Electro Magnetic Field” and RF tests and test reports and service guarantee for every product you buy. Please consult before purchasing the system you need.

There are big differences between POMPAMATIK / T2000 / DEPOMATIC systems and the other companies fake  radio disturbance systems. Price and performance balance is very affordable for DelcomRF Inc. Products. Do not risk yourself and your business, use quality wireless control systems which are legal. Prefer us you will never be regret.

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