POMPAMATİK, Wireless RF Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems, Wireless Pump Control

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T-2000S GPR model rf repeater pump & tank enhancing distance, tank signalization repeater, rf repeater wireless tank filling systems are used for overcoming obstacles such as mountains and hills which interfere with communication between water well and tank and for increasing communication range between pump and tank and create a coverage zone.

T-2000S GPR Model RF Repeater Pump & Tank Enhancing Distance, Tank Signalization Repeater

T-2000S GPR Repeater For Pump and Tank Range

T-2000S GPR Repeater, distance enhancer for well and tank, tank signalization systems work as solar panel supported. It has capacity to support well and tank control systems full operationally without seeing the sun for 16 days. You can click here for long distance T-2000S Wireless RF Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems

Tank Signalization Repeater Systems

This product, which is preferred mostly with the purpose of increasing ranges of well and tank control systems as total 20 km, is a set with 180 cm profile height and solar panel that it has top of it and accu group. A small space like 25 Cmis quite sufficient for the point that you will immobilize the product’s mounting bracket.

T-2000S GPR Model RF Repeater Pump & Tank Enhancing Distance, Tank Signalization Repeater

IP65 Class Repeater for Water Wireless Well and Tank Control Systems

T-2000S GPR is a tank signalization repeater system that has transparent cover IP65 class protection class. Signal level of repeater unit and signal level well pump unit’s signal level can be seen on separate LED panels without opening the product’s cover. RF repeater wireless tank filling systems.

Besides signal levels, record to the pump, record to the tank and accu status can be seen on 8 unit LED panel. Solar energy panel’s connection LED and solar energy panel charging system are placed on the device. The right common reason of thousands of users of the products produced with DelcomRF INC. professionalism and experience are express service, quality and long lived products and accurate warranty. RF repeater wireless tank filling systems.

RF Repeater Wireless Tank Filling Systems

Galvanized Sheet Profile and Sheet Connection Apparatus  

T-2000S GPR repeater systems for well and tank range are strengthened with mounted 2 mm galvanized sheets adherent to iron profiles strengthened with galvanized coating. ABS box connections are provided on these sheet profiles. The boxes are given outputs and inputs with IP65 class records. T-2000S GPR product is a first class product in quality and price performance.

RF repeater. Wireless water tank automatic filling systems repeater.



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