T-2000S T Wireless Water Transfer Station Water Tank Transceiver Unit

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T-2000S T wireless water Transfer station water tank transceiver unit. The water transfer station have included water tank and water pump same point.

T-2000S T Wireless Water Transfer Station Water Tank Transceiver Unit

With T-2000S T Transceiver Unit to be used on POMPAMATİK wireless water well tank control systems, water well tank control transceiver unit, you may install wireless pump tank control, water well control automations without a need to span contol cable to connecting water tanks. 

Water Tank Transceiver Unit

You can use water tank transceiver in the number you wish and place them connecting transceiver tanks. You may get all the transceiver units into coverage with the usage in the number that you desire. Depending on your need for unused channels of transceiver unit, water tank transmitter, signal repeater, T-2000S GPR. Click here.

T-2000S T Wireless Water Transfer Station

It can be followed on 8 unit LED indicators. The system that can be followed on 8 Unit led indication can be tracked without a need to open abs plastic box with transparent cover.

Wireless water well-pump & tank between transceiver. The transceiver unit which is easy-to-use and intallation looks like pump unit. The transceiver unit has 2 channel outputs and 2 channel inputs. Therefore, dual tranceiver pump and 2 level water tank level inputs can be used. T-2000S Family  offers you a smooth service in wireless automation systems between well and liquid storage tank.

The water transfer unit consists of a single device. It is suitable for professional use. It is used where water pump motor and intermediate water tank are located. Works with pump control systems. It serves up to 10000 meters distance. Designed for short range device laws. It has ETSI 300-220 compliance. If desired, models running at longer distances can be produced. Working energy options are; 12V 24V 48V 110V and 220V working models can be produced. Ready models are 12V 24V 110V and 220V options.



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