Pompstart, Over Gsm Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems

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Pompstart, Over Gsm Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems

It communicates between water pump & water pump connecting station & water tank. That communicates wirelessly in an unlimited distance, it makes these controls by communicating over gsm and free of charge. Gsm water tank control systems.

Pompstart, Over GSM Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems

Pompstart communicates between water pump and water tank as FREE over GSM. When pump thermic is out of order or when somebody enters pump and tank building without permission, it calls and informs you vocally. It is used in between pump and tank without distance limits.

Gsm automation systems FREE of CHARGE communicating between pump and tank

It provides automatic water tank filling. It is suitable for multi-level tank automations.
There are pump & tank control application options as with or without power on the liquid tank side.

Pompstart, Over GSM Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems

Thanks to thermic restore setup unit, you don’t need to go near the pump. When you give approval while you’re listening to the notification on the phone during notification of thermic failure of pompstart unit, it helps you to re-start thermic automatically. “you can find this product in only DelcomRF inc”

GSM Tank Control USB Interface Communication

It can be easily mounted. It is suitable for rail type in panel.
It is suitable for monitoring and management on computer through pompstart usb ınterface connection. “optional”
It can be applied for scada systems. “optianal”

GSM Tank Control RS485 PLC Connection

It can be used in gprs data transfer applications with rs485 modbus interface. “optianal”
It is guaranteed for 1 years in the scope of DelcomRF inc. Warranty against manufacturing defects, it is an excellent product.

Pompstart is used on many different points in both Turkey and abroad. As of today, DelcomRF inc. enabled thousands set of control systems between pump and tank in the fields through domestic and foreign dealers.

DelcomRF inc. Technology

It is the only company in Turkey that designs rf modul on its own through many engineer it has within its body. Software supports in gsm tank controls.

DelcomRF Inc offers professional based productions that are able to develop software on GSM and GPRS. It is proud of being the only wireless tank control systems producer that is able to provide production inside country and abroad with its own economic power.

Thank you for using Pompstart and choosing us.
If you want to see working radio frequency version, you can click here. 



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