T-2000S LCD, Automated Wireless Pump Control LCD Monitoring, Water Pump Automations Systems!

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T-2000S LCD, Automated Wireless Pump Control LCD Monitoring, Water Pump Automations

T-2000S LCD Display Tank Automation System

You can do status monitoring inside of the pump building by using T-2000S LCD which is a more professional display system able to communicate up to 10000 meters with rf tank and pump wireless control systems in spite of products which are only able communicate in short distances and therefore you can use a better technology wireless pump automation product with control display.

T-2000S LCD Display Is A Wireless Well Tank Control System.

  • It is a wireless water automation system with a LCD Monitoring Display that is suitable for indoor use and it is quite affordable.
  • It provides RF Wireless communication and it makes radio frequency controlled pump automation. göstergeli kuyu depo kontrol, dijital depo kuyu otomasyonu, ekranlı su deposu otomasyonudur.

There Is Kilometers Of Communication Distance Between The Pump And The Tank.

It shows information of up to 3 separate pumps on the LCD Display in detail.

  • It shows record state, signal and accu level, frequency tuning status are also shown on the LCD display in detail.
  • It is immobilized on sheet panel and it is suitable for surface mounting and indoor mounting.

T-2000S LCD, Automated Wireless Pump Control LCD Monitoring, Water Pump Automations

It Provides Multilevel Tank Automation.

  • It has solar energy panel system to be used on tanks that don’t have power. Solar energy panel feeder is directly connected on the card and charge control system is on electronic card. It doesn’t need additional external used charging unit.
  • Not for just 2 days! It has a feature to work for long days without seeing the sun. Be careful about the features when you buy pump tank control system, otherwise you may get into trouble. Don’t trust people who sell products made of bad quality materials in illegal ways, don’t waste your money! You can also make use of affordable price and legally manufactured Depomatik branded product. Click here!
  • Would you like to be aware of thermic failure? Sure, check on the HIZIR communicating systems. Click here for more details!

It Has A Portable Antenna And Indoor LCD Monitoring Display Unit.

  • You may mount it inside of the building and carry your antenna cable out of the building. You have opportunity to make antenna signal level test in an easier way, and thanks to this feature that illegal products do not have and you may get more performance out of pump tank control products. Water pump automations.

IP65 Class Protection Guard in Abs Quality with Transparent Cover Durable Against Shocks.

  • In spite of heavy and unpractical polyester molding boxes that face crash because of the hits that occur during mounting and later on, you feel better with the abs mini boxes with transparent cover on which you can do status monitoring without opening the cover. Tank signalization systems with a display.

It Provides Wireless Communication Between The Pump And The Tank.

  • A real manufacturer DelcomRF Inc, all our products are designed to fit the SRD. “Short Range Device”
  • You can only have 1 years of accurate warranty service against manufacturing defects in DelcomRF Inc.

It is possible to provide a trouble-free communication through these DelcomRF Inc. branded products in T-2000S LCD Series that is produced with Utility Model.

You shouldn’t buy walky talky tank pump control system productions which are made by people who are incapable of producing RF module or wireless communication products, products MADE IN ILLEGAL WAYS and that has malfunctions even in the short distances. Automated Wireless Pump Control LCD Monitoring

T-2000s LCD Automation Systems have features such as incomparable quality, performance, communication up to 10 km. with specific coding technology and waiting period up to 30 days without seeing the sun on systems with solar system. If you like, there is also a water tank side, with no need for solar panels for 2 years, without the need for charging. Pls contact us. Automated Wireless Pump Control LCD Monitoring

There is an incomparable quality difference between T-2000 Systems and systems made in illegal ways and made with bad quality materials. Its price-quality performance is very favorable. Do not put yourself and your work at risk and use legal and approved quality wireless automation systems between the pump and the tank. Don’t be worrying yourself and your money.

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