DelcomRF Engineering Services

DelcomRF provides engineering services in various automation sectors with wireless communication applications. These engineering services can include a variety of options, from project-oriented design support planning to engineer sourcing, or from project management to fully turnkey projects. He has developed himself mostly in RF/GSM communication, software and RF/GSM automation. With its expert team, fast solutions and professional products, it is the first and only company in Turkey whose products are registered with the CLASS 2 notification in the BTK information technologies institution.

DelcomRF R&D engineers, who have made many innovations, have enabled DelcomRF to compete with world brands in technology with the products they have developed.

DelcomRF Mühendislik Hizmetleri;

Some Examples of DelcomRF’s

  • Iot Products, RF Wi-Fi GSM-GPRS-5G-LTE Collection And Control Units Options.
  • Necessary Products for Military, Police Communications.
  • Oil And Gas Production, Pipeline Monitoring, Gas Distribution, Heat Grid Monitoring.
  • Water Wells, Water And Waste Water Treatment Monitoring Systems.
  • Power Planning, Distribution Automation, Load Control.
  • GPS Positioning Systems with RF Data Communication.
  • Earthquake, Meteorology, Environmental Protection and Urban Lighting Controls.
  • Railway, Transportation, Metallurgy, Chemical Industry and Industrial Automation Process Controls.
  • Ship (UMV) Monitoring and Control Systems.
  • Forced Landing and Interception Systems for UAV Flight Controls.
  • Narrow Band Professional TCP/IP TCP And RTU Modems.
  • Wireless Transmissions of Analog And Digital Data.
  • High Power RF Amplifiers.
  • Various Wireless Communication Sensors.
  • Industrial Controls.
  • Custom Hardware and Applied Designs.

Your Projects Are Served With The Following…

  • Concept Creation / Technical Support
  • Preparing A Project Plan
  • Simulation Studies
  • Protocol / Software Development
  • Equipment
  • Test / Confirmation Works