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25W UHF RF Amplifikatör

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25W UHF RF Amplifier

25W UHF RF Amplifier connects 0.5 watts to 6 watts of RF radio frequency power output to the radio frequency amplifier input inside the product and amplifies the RF output signal. This function allows you to establish voice and data communication over longer distances. It boosts the output power between 5W and 25W according to the input power.

25W UHF RF Amplifier

25W UHF RF Amplifier is suitable for transceiver / bidirectional modems or pmr radios that make both receiver and transmitter commule for all transmitters and transceivers in the 400-470 MHz Frequency band range nications. You can use this amplifier, which can help you overcome obstacles and reach long distances, by connecting it to your rf modem. The RF amplifier has low noise level, low emission factor and stable output. It is suitab

25W UHF RF Amplifier gives high performance with low energy consumption. The RF power amplifier allows you to get a 1W input signal and a 5W RF output signal. In addition, it gives RF power output over 25W at 6W signal input. This RF amplifier is suitable for the use of RF signal booster and radio modems, all wireless products that transmit data, to increase their output power. Contact now for your projects. [email protected]