HIZIR GSM & GPRS Modem & GSM Telephone Voice I&O Control Callback

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The HIZIR Unit For I&O Control or Feedback With SMS or Phone Call

What is The HIZIR Device?

You can use the short message or telephone call to turn on or off the outputs of the HIZIR unit, or perform the controls. You can also use input of HIZIR system as a product that can give you information by short message “sms” or phone call by processing falls and information outputs from your panels, PLC systems or special products. If you want, you can use it as both a feedback system and a control system.

Sump & Pump Motor Controls And Feedback Alarms By Voice Call or SMS

The device able to give seperate information for each feedback channel.  The HIZIR system inform you on the phone ‘channel is opened or channel is closed’  when it perform the function related to the channel that you are going to control. The device, when it read you feddbacks which connected to channel inputs; also adds where it is installed information and HIZIR system will call to inform all registered phone number. The HIZIR system is suitable for installation on the panel type rail and or over the surface.

Use to plug and play. It does not need a special interface program. It does not require the use of an additional mobile phone or FCT. The operation can be started by inserting a SIM card in the HIZIR system.

Where To Use?

  • At Fire Pump Controls,
  • In earthquake, impact, pressure systems,
  • Agricultural Irrigation Pumps,
  • Solar Energy Panel Fields,
  • In ventilation fan systems,
  • In Telemetry Applications,
  • At Water Depot Depot Levels,


  • Being Informed about Unallowed Entries,
  • Receiving News from Thermal Faults in Pumps,
  • At Poultry & Livestock Controls,
  • In Intelligent Building Control Systems,
  • Greenhouse Heating and Cooling Controls,
  • Can be used in many systems with pivot irrigation systems.
  • Call or SMS Control & Feedback System All in One

It is a plug-and-play system that everyone can use comfortably, do not need a special computer program, can work in industrial environments, don’t need maintance and easy mounting. Great labor and installation cost. DelcomRF Inc. Products are guaranteed against 2 year production faults.

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