How to Control a Wireless Submersible Pump using RF Radio Frequency and GSM Technology?

How to Control a Wireless Submersible Pump using RF Radio Frequency and GSM Technology?

A submersible pump is a type of centrifugal “centrifugal” pump designed to operate in a fully submerged state. Also called sub-pumps or electric submersible pumps (ESP). If you are using a water well for drinking or irrigation, you probably used a submersible pump.

With the advancement of technology, the transition to remote control systems instead of manually turning these pumps on and off began a long time ago and has been used for over 30 years. DelcomRF A.Ş. It is at your service with a wide range of products for this field. The product range working with RF Radio Frequency system was named Pompamatik as the title. How to control a wireless submersible pump using RF radio frequency and GSM technology?

The title of the product range that includes GSM technology is named Pompstart. These product title titles are divided into many subgroups. Whether there is energy in your warehouse, the possibility to see your water level in the tank in cm, the thermal break in the pump motor, the automatic re-establishment of the thermal, getting information about unauthorized access to the warehouse and pump buildings, reading the first letters of the words “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition” is an abbreviation created with. Its purpose is to see status information on a computer screen or a “HMI” panel that serves visually between human and machine. It is a software-supported hardware that provides visual monitoring and if necessary management of water level, alarm conditions and many other information. How is wireless submersible pump control done using RF radio frequency and GSM technology?

DelcomRF Inc. You can see the benefits of using SCADA support with branded products that work with RF Radio Frequency and GSM technology as follows;

Your engine systems will not work more than necessary. You do not run out of water in the tank and you will not run out of water. In addition, the amount of malfunction is reduced to a minimum.
It definitely prevents situations such as water overflows, unnecessary pump energy consumption, pump aging.
It allows you to see tank and pump status information anytime, anywhere. It shows the water level in your water tank with centimeter precision.
In case of thermal breakdown, the system is activated mechanically by re-establishing the thermal. It transmits information about its thermal state to you. Sends information messages for additional faults. If you want, it can also inform you by speaking with the voice robot search.
It allows you to visually monitor information notifications either from your phone or from a computer.
Radio frequency systems can communicate at distances of up to 10000 meters. With GSM and GPRS / 4G technology, the distance limit is eliminated.

How to control a wireless submersible pump using RF radio frequency and GSM technology?

There are 2 different wireless communication methods in wireless well control systems. These; RF (Radio Frequency – Wireless) and GSM (Operator – Sim Card)

RF Radio Frequency Control System Working Between PompaMatik Pump and Water Tank



The RF Control System between the Pump and the Pump provides controlled and automatic water tank filling by wireless communication up to 10 km “10000 meters” distance between the pump and the water tank. It is a plug and play automation system that does not need a PLC or CPU, as a set. You can provide a complete communication automation between the pumping unit and the water tank, pumping tank and pump.

PumpMatik Storage Between Pump Radio Frequency Control System, RSSI signal level quality level indicator on the tank and pump units, battery indicator for battery-powered devices, active or passive status indicators in “used models” float, relay output indicators, power on / off status indicators. they have notifications. The distance can be increased as much as desired by adding RF Radio Frequency transmitter units to reach places where communication is farther away.

Pompamatik systems are divided into two as there is no energy on the water tank side. The model, which has energy on the warehouse side, operates with grid energy. The non-electric model on the tank side works with a single 12V / 7A dry maintenance-free battery. Thus, there will be no problems with theft of solar energy panels! How to control a wireless submersible pump using RF radio frequency and GSM technology?

Attention please!

Although the communication systems made by changing the operation of the radios and using high-capacity solar energy panels and batteries are not legal, they are also unsuitable for use.

Also; It is not possible for those who say that we do not need a battery, we operate it with a battery, to reach a distance of 10Km in radio frequency wireless communication systems and to provide service without energy for 2.5 years, by mathematical calculation. Do not rely on 3-person companies that have a few years of history, try to do business with government support, and whose company accounts are empty “in monetary terms”! DelcomRF A.S. was established in 1992 to serve the telecommunications industry, and in 2008 turned towards the production of only wireless communication systems and automation products. Industrial and professional wireless control, address of scada products, DelcomRF A.Ş.

* T-2000 coded Pompamatik systems are in the list of approved devices with the BTK information technologies class 2 notification form. “Why companies that say that there is no need for this are not there, if not, DelcomRF A.Ş. Ask why is on the list. ”

* Check by clicking the link!

GSM (Operator – Sim Card) Control System Working Between PompStart Pump and Water Tank



It automatically controls the water filling between the pump and the water tank. There is no distance limit. It communicates over GSM and you do not have to pay for this automation between the pump and the warehouse. In other words, it communicates free of charge between the tank device that gives the pump motor the start and stop order and the pump device that activates the pump. It informs you about alarm issues by sending you a text message for critical water level and tank overflow levels in the water tank. Thermal threw, there is an intrusion, the water level in the tank is this cm, like a phase failure …

How to control a wireless submersible pump using RF radio frequency and GSM technology? It doesn’t matter whether there is energy on the tank side or not. A small battery such as 12 Volt / 7 Amper, which enables it to work for 30 days without sun exposure, and a small solar energy panel support with 10 Watt power for charging, is also provided next to the device in non-energy applications. It does not need large panels and large capacity batteries, large mounting spaces! Thus, the risk of the solar panel being stolen is almost negligible! Avoid batteries and panels recommended for you with high capacity. It is obvious that the technology is old or the product is a technology that consumes a lot of energy.

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