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UHF Modbus & Profibus & Profinet RF Radio Modems

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UHF Modbus & Profibus & Profinet RF Radio Modems, Profinet profibus Uhf modbus radio modems, TCP/IP ethernet radio modems. Radio Frequency Modems, Low Cost High Performance Long Distance RF Radio Modems & Antennas

UHF Modbus & Profibus & Profinet RF Radio Modems

UHF Modbus radio modems called as DelcomRF PWM series is a product group that is able to work in a distance up to 25 km, plug and play, and it has models in IP65 standard protection class.

DelcomRF Inc. puts modems that enables you to make data transfer wirelessly in many data communication protocols as simple as plug and play into your service that you can easily adapt them into your systems, please contact us for your applications.

UHF Modbus Radio Modems

You can make data exchange in rofinet, profibus, modbus TCP/IP, modbus RS-485 & RS-232 formats as rtu or ascii. The Professional wireless rf products has a high data signaling rate. You can have wireless data communication in a distance between 1 km to 25 km with PWM Modem.

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DelcomRF brand pwm products are able to provide unlicensed and tax-free communication in longer distances compared to the products with high power output band products. It is able to work at industrial environments and it doesn’t require maintenance. It can be easily mounted and it provides a big advantage out of labor and mounting costs,

According to the SRD short range wireless Access code, it can be used without a need to frequency allotment and licence.

Pwm rf radio modems are affordable price radio modem products guaranteed for 1 years against manufacturing defects.

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